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The entropy fib

The local Christian apologetics blog “Thinking Matters” appears to have made a policy decision to outsource most of the content. Specifically to the subcontinent (where else do New Zealanders outsource to) and a Walter Mitty type of character, Johnson Philip.

Philip claims to be “a physicist, with expertise inter alia in Quantum-nuclear Physics, and has worked extensively on the inner quark-structure of Protons and Neutrons.” However, as he doesn’t appear to have published anything in a scientifc journal I think the more relevant part of his CV is that he “has also specialized in Christian Apologetics, Biblical Archeology, Journalism, Alternative Medicines, and several other fields.” He has written extensively in those areas.

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Weaving a web of lies

Honesty is really the best policy. If you start with a lie, and then won’t admit it, you are forced to continue lying. In the end you create a web of lies, each dependent on the other. It’s like juggling a whole lot of balls. It requires a lot of effort and is ultimately self-defeating as it’s impossible to keep track of the whole web.

The creationist arguments are just like that. And today its easy for even the most amateur creationist to construct these arguments by copying and pasting from creationist web sites. These sites have done all the quote mining work and provide plenty of material. Even those who are scientifically challenged can put together arguments which appear scientific and authoriatative to others who are similarly challenged. These arguments also work well with people who desperately wish to find evidence for their fundamentalist religious belief.

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