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An eReader breakthrough?

mobius-ereader-sonyThis looks interesting. A 13.3 inch eReader. Ideal for pdfs and annotations or note-taking.

Perhaps not suitable for the casual reader, reading in bed or for people who just read thrillers. It’s far too big. But it may be suitable for commercial purposes, for students or professionals. Even scientists who nowadays read downloaded pdf versions of papers – rather than relying on reprints or library journal print copies. With the added advantage of being able to annotate documents, but still keep a “virgin” original copy.

This new eReader was recently announced by Sony and E-Ink. It looks pretty rugged  – the new Mobius e-paper display technology is lightweight and shatterproof.


The shatterproof flexible Mobius e-paper display

The device measures 233 x 310 x 6.8 mm (A4 size) and weighs just 358 g and will have 4GB of on-board storage (with a microSD slot) and a 1200 x 1600 screen resolution screen. A stylus can be used to take notes which can be shared by WiFi.  Battery recharge life is about 3 weeks.


Unlike 6 inch eReaders pdfs can be easily read from the large screen

Despite this early announcement and demonstration of devices it will not be available commercially for about a year. Meanwhile it will be trialed at three Japanese universities. Sony is currently asking for feedback on software preferences from potential users. Immediately I would ask for the ability to handle and edit text documents like Word.

There’s no idea of likely prices yet, but it could be a useful device for avid readers, and annotaters, of pdf and similar documents for which normal eReaders are unsuitable. If you are interested have a look at these two videos showing hands-on operation of the device and comments from GoodEreader’s Editor-in-Chief Michael Kozlowski.

Hands on with the Sony 13.3 inch e-Reader

Sony 13.3 e-Reader – Second Look – PDF Showcase

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