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Climate change optimism

It’s easy to be alarmist, or at least pessimistic, about climate change. After all, the possible consequences are pretty dramatic.

However, let’s not forget that our species has the ability to foresee consequences and to take action. That arises from our intelligence. Unlike other species, we don’t have to passively continue activity which could lead to our own extinction. This intelligence may well be a prime cause of environmental change – but it does enable us to adapt.

So, it’s good to see some positive messages.

This book, Earth: The Sequel: The Race to Reinvent Energy and Stop Global Warming looks interesting. It gives a positive message. Humanity’s response to current climate change is opening up all sorts of technological possibilities. I think the authors say somewhere that these new technologies could lead to a revolution at least as great as that ushered in by computers.

Have a look at their web site and the short videos narrated by one of the authors  Mirriam Horn. These outline some of the technological possibilities.

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