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Science communication in New Zealand

Here’s an interesting discussion from TVNZ’s Media7 programme (see video below). A discussion on the problems and issues with science communication in New Zealand.

Russel Brown discusses this with the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, the Science Media Centre’s Peter Griffin and NZ Herald’s feature Writer Chris Barton.

It’s an interesting discussion covering aspects like:

  • The lack of journalists with scientific background;
  • The low priority given to science by the media;
  • Poor communication skill of many scientists;
  • The Crown Research Institutes’ bureaucracy’s fear of the media and subsequent restriction on contact with scientists, and
  • The relative freedom of university scientists.

sciblogsThe NZ Sciblogs new blogging platform was also discussed. Due to be launched this month this will provide a platform for blogging scientists. About 20 scientists are involved initially but this will expand as more come on board. Peter Griffin hopes that this will encourage development of a new crop of science communicators.

Download the audio file: (media7_s3_e8_part1.mp3)


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