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Theistic mental gymnastics

I have recently been debating some anti-science theists who want to see some changes made. They would like to make science more “theistically friendly.”

First, they were insisting we should include “theological evidence”! However, they couldn’t actually think of any examples of such evidence so the fall back demand was for incorporation of “theological claims and propositions”. So they are demanding science incorporate theological claims and propositions for which there is no evidence? Talk about demanding a free ride.

I am reminded of a comment by Rinny Westra, a former Presbyterian pastor in New Zealand, in his book The Disappearance of God:

“After years of struggling with theological questions and frequently enjoying myself doing so, I have to conclude that theology is not a proper academic discipline but a self-serving and self-authenticating project with little or no scientific integrity.”

Such incorporation would certainly create a mess. Imagine what they could then “discover” and “prove” using their “theistic science”.

You can’t? Well have a look at this video which uses “theological claims and propositions” to conclude that US President Obama is the devil – and his election was prophesied by Jesus!

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