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I want one of these!

Well, yes, I would love a bottle – or even the chance to taste some of these wines. But it’s the packaging that attracts me, this time. Washington State’s Wines of Substance, won the Seattle Magazine’s “Coolest Wine Label” Award in 2008 for these. The labels are presented in the format we are used to with chemical elements (Pg is pinot gris, Se for semillon, Gw for gewürtztramminer, for example).

But, as a chemist, what I would really like is the “periodic table” of wines this company has produced. I can just imagine it pinned up alongside Dmitri Mendeleev’s Periodic table of Elements on my office wall.

Substance justifies their table because “wine is as much an art as it is a science. What better way to express this basis than a Periodic Table of Wine with each varietal reflected as an element or substance?” Their interactive “periodic table” website is a great example of this art (see WINES OF SUBSTANCE – Washington State Periodic Table of Wines).

This table is obviously aimed at the American consumer. But I reckon someone could produce a similar things for New Zealand. A periodic table sumarising our wine varieties  and grape growing regions.

It would probably go down well with many consumers. Or at least the geeks amongst us.

Thanks to Bioephemera at The Periodic Table of Wine


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