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March ’11 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking

I get a steady stream of bloggers requesting inclusion in this ranking list. And I am always happy to oblige.

However, I am nothing if not lazy. The list is basically set up to run automatically. My only effort (besides providing a monthly summary) is to add the blog details to the database.

The key detail I need is a link for the sitemeter used. This enables automatic access to the relevant statistics. Many bloggers do not have a sitemeter installed, or do not allow public access.

So, if you want your blog included in the list (and I certainly do) please make sure you have a suitable sitemeter installed (Sitemeter, Satcounter and Statcounter for WordPress work well). If you are unsure how to do this contact me – I will give what help I can.

Current ranking

Here are the rankings of New Zealand blogs with publicly available statistics for March 2011. These rely on blogs having sitemeters which allow public access to the stats. There are now over 240 blogs on the list.

The 7 day rankings are still available any time at NZ blogs average daily visits. It’s worth following a few blogs on the daily visit list. Ranking is a lot more volatile and it’s interesting to watch blogs move up and down and speculate on the reasons.

The blogs are listed in the table below, together with monthly visits and page view numbers for March, 2011.

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