Do you believe in God?

Apparently most people (54%) in the world don’t. That’s if you believe the results coming out of the online poll at

Yes, I know. Polls are inherently unreliable and on-line polls even more so.

Still the results are interesting. Partly because they are listed country by country. And the numbers voting are also given for each country.

When I voted the results for New Zealand showed 69% answering No. The No result for North America was 57% and, interestingly, for Vatican City 50%. Only 2 people from Vatican City had voted – but even so!

I’m sure the figures are going to fluctuate widely as groups organise to crash the poll. The results don’t mean much but I will check back from time to time.

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2 responses to “Do you believe in God?

  1. Yeah. The stats are only relevant when you append “… of people who have access to the Internet and have heard about and voted in this particular poll” to the end. And the word “God” rather than “gods” or “higher being/s” probably will muddle the results a little too.

    Still, it seems to correlate reasonably well when I look at countries I know have a stronger religious presence.


  2. I just looked there again and it appears that they let people vote more than once (probably after people have restarted their browser) which makes it even less reliable as the enthusiasts (i.e those who’d prefer ‘winning’ over knowing the truth) from either side will probably have a field day.


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