Over the last few years I have often posted articles related to community water fluoridation (CWF), the scientific issues involved and the misinformation and distortions that inevitably go with the public discussion of the issue.

The public debates go on, the claims get repeated and the task of countering misleading and dishonest claims just doesn’t go away. The need to be countered – especially as they are often being promoted, almost unchallenged, to decision-making bodies.

An easier link to fluoridation articles

Some people have used the articles I have posted here as resource material in their public activity on CWF. So I have organised some links to specific aspects of CWF which hopefully will make it easier to search the articles. This is also posted as a permanent page which will be automatically updated – click on Fluoridation just below the blog title.

Readers can still browse a chronologically organised list of the articles related to CWF – just click on the link Fluoridation articles.

And you can do your own search using the search box to the right on this blog.

If you think there are other useful categories I could add to the list below please let me know in the comments section.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Big business support for anti-fluoride campaigns

Bottle-fed infants



Ceasing fluoridation

ChildSmile programme

Cochrane review

Dental fluorosis

Fluoridating chemicals

Fluoride sensitivity

Freedom of choice and water fluoridation

Heavy metals


IQ & fluoride

List of all articles on fluoride

NZ fluoridation review

Topical vs ingested