About me

My background is in scientific research (see Researchgate profile)and I currently spend some time in art (painting). However, I still maintain an interest in science and am particularly interested in the relationship between science and beliefs.

My own beliefs are non-theist, or atheist. That’s a very limited, but accurate, description. The problem with more extensive descriptions of belief is that names mean different things to different people. Also, I feel that if you declare an -ism or -anity as a belief you are in danger of converting your beliefs into a dogma, having to adhere to a defined (by others) body of thought. This acts as an inhibitor of free thought and evolution of one’s own beliefs.

I like the slogan “If you have not changed your beliefs in the last few years, check your pulse as you may not be alive”.

Having said that, I do have my own beliefs (wider than, but including atheism). They are always evolving (aren’t we all) and they are a source of great spiritual comfort and pride to me. I won’t give them a name but, of course, they are revealed in discussion.

Ken Perrott

Hamilton, New Zealand

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