Some of the anti-fluoridation propaganda can get pretty extreme. Even the less extreme material is often misleading.

I have collected below links to my articles where I debunk these myths and expose the misinformation.


Cramming in the myths and misinformation about fluoridation

Fluoride gets blamed for all ills

When something gets blamed for everything but the kitchen sink its’s a sure sign that someone is telling porkies.

fluoride1 fluoride2

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  17. The last graphic is pretty funny when you think about it. Most are repetitions of previous points, re-worded. And the call fluoridated people the stupid ones!

    They love to make that claim over apathy and a loss of motivation etc, but none refer to anything but Naiz delusions. Why was Brisbane never the epicentre of business in Aust, when it was the only capital city non-fluoridated; surely the public of the other capital cities were too sedated for enterprise…

    I’ll link to this page tomorrow.


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