Whether we like it or not

Another discussion from the Origins Symposium held recently by the Arizona State University. This one a discussion between cosmologists Brian Greene and Lawrence Krauss. These are also authors of popular science books (selections for Greene here and Krauss here).


These two have debated issues like string theory before. However, I much prefer the discussion format. It allows ideas to be presented more honerstly and helps eliminate problems with egos.

This is a great discussion, covering issues at the forefront of scientific discovery. Fields like cosmology, particle physics, scientific education, intelligent design and the scientific process are discussed.

A few gems:

“We should call “string theory” the “string hypothesis”. To call it a theory is unfair to evolutionary theory – given the way this word is misunderstood.”

“Scientists most often want to be wrong. or they want their colleagues to be wrong.”


“The Universe is the way it is, whether we like it or not.”


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