Realising secularism

Here’s new book on secularism in Australia and New Zealand out this month.

I have yet to see it but think it contains presentations from conferences held in Australia and New Zealand in 2008. I posted on the conferences at Our secular heritage presentations, Secular Heritage of New Zealand and Australia Conference and Reminder – Secular NZ and Australia.

Called Realising Secularism: Australia and New Zealand it can be ordered from ANZSA PO Box 554 Milsons Point NSW 1565 ($25 with $2.50 postage) and from NZARH 64 Symonds St Auckland ($25.00 with $3 postage).

I should be able to pick up a copy while at the Global Atheist Convention next week so will review it here in due course.

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4 responses to “Realising secularism

  1. Richard Christie

    As over 30% of us profess no religion it hardly makes our national anthem very representitive. In fact, I strongly object to it for that reason.


  2. I think there is a campaign starting up on this issue. Wepage: and Facebook site:


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