William Lane Craig’s “logic”

I don’t know how long this video will survive on YouTube. It’s a takeoff of William Lane Craig and his “logic.” Apparently Craig has made several attempts to remove it.

Personally, I think there is room for many more of these videos – Craig’s debates could be mined for multiple examples of faulty logic.

William Lane Craig Is Not A Meatloaf – YouTube.

5 responses to “William Lane Craig’s “logic”

  1. Yes. Pretty stupid. Craig seems to think that “animals” are one collective body… ie. there are human on the one side and all other animals on the other… now if he had talked about a lion killing another lion to eat it it might have made some sense… but wait. lions don’t tend to do that in normal circumstances… just like humans… hmmmm….


  2. Daniel Schealler

    “William Lane Craig Is Not A Meatloaf” should become a trope.


  3. I love that video!


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  5. Very well done. I hope you do four more to disprove WLC remaining facts that any one he debates must disprove to defeat his argument. In particular focus on his selective research, circular reasoning, and telogical logic. Or smoke and mirrors for this portion of his–umm–sermon. For example, the double not and ifs for this bullet; if God does not exist then objective moral values do not exist, should read God exist then objective moral values exist. Improper use of the English lauguage and starting with an if will only convince the choir. Yet he is heralded as a professional debater and has a doctorate? Guess I should have attented that university. Nevermind I have enough tp, thanks.


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