My talk to the Reason & Science Society – an invite

RSSAuckland readers are welcome to come along to a talk I am giving at Auckland University next Thursday.

The Reason and Science Society (RSS) hosting the talk. It’s called “The Case for Community Water Fluoridation with Dr Ken Perrott”. Details are:

Day: Thursday 17th September
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM.
Location: Room 206-315, Arts 1 building, University of Auckland
Map of the talk location:

About this talk:
Community water fluoridation continues to be a controversial in New Zealand. Thames is the latest community to face this issue in an October referendum. Local bodies are frustrated by the lobbying the bombarded with on this issue and are asking central government to take responsibility for it.

Many of the claims made about fluoridation are misleading and scientific research is often distorted to support these claims. Dr Ken Perrott will describe what the science is really saying about community water fluoridation.

About the speaker:
Dr Ken Perrott is a retired research scientist. He is a scientific advisor for Making sense of Fluoride.

Event page (you need to join the RSS group to view it):

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7 responses to “My talk to the Reason & Science Society – an invite

  1. Is it going to be filmed?

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  2. Ken, your anti-fluoridation opponent, Dr Paul Connett, regularly has his talks filmed. That way, we can all openly view them on YouTube. We trust and hope you will do the same, so we can fully critique your speech, point by point. Please be sure to let us know if the event will be filmed and if it will be uploaded freely to YouTube, and where we will be able to watch it (and if not, why not?). Thank you.


  3. Don’t know if this one will be – some are.


  4. AFA – I am sure my mate Paul does not have to worry about organising a video team in preparation for his talks – that is the responsibility of either the organisers of the event or his own propaganda team. 🙂

    MSoF does not have a propaganda team (yet) but RSS do film some of their events and they have a Youtube channel. Go have a look using the link provided. I am sure if they film this event the video will be posted there.

    I have passed on the query to the person organising the event so I guess it is up to him and his organisation now.

    Personally, I will welcome filming – we really need more videos to challenge the blatant anti-science material spewing forth from Connett’s crowd. 🙂

    And, as you already know, I welcome any reasoned critiques made here.

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  5. Fingers crossed it is filmed and uploaded. We look forward to finally seeing a video of you presenting your case.


  6. There is plenty of material here where I present my case. As I said, critique is always welcome. And easier to do rationally with the printed word.

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  7. Yes Ken, but it’s also nice to see someone for real sometimes too. You can tell a lot more about them.


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