Kiwi Science Blogging

Cr!key Creek has a post on science blogging in New Zealand (see Kiwi Science Blogging.). He says we should have more of them – I endorse that.

And The Chicken or the Egg blog has a round-up of NZ science blogs. There’s not many listed. Does anyone know of others?

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6 responses to “Kiwi Science Blogging

  1. Once I finish shifting, update the website, secure the next contract, etc., etc, maybe I’ll finally get around to a blog… But you can see the odds are against me 🙂


  2. Ken, wasn’t there an idea of a group NZ science blog floating around last year? Occasional and substantial contributions from the sciblogosphere; either hosted by a media company (c.f., Seed and Science Blogs) or some scientific organisation (e.g., Royal Society), perhaps.


  3. The was some talk of doing something like that via the SMC, but best as I know, it never eventuated.


  4. Yes, Peter Griffin talked about the idea of setting up a blogging platform , I think under SMC. I am pretty sure he is still keen on the idea as he did contact me about it recently.

    However, I guess he has other things on his plate.

    I would like to see him do something, if only to see what the response is and how the institutes and societies react. I can’t help being concerned, though, that there may be attempts to place restrictions on such a platform – either in allowable content, or in how freely accessible it is.

    I recommend that no-one should hang around waiting for such an initiative. Just get on with it using the free platforms. If something eventuates a blog can always be transferred.


  5. /bump

    There is one blog I that’s know missing;

    But until recently I only actually knew of crikeycreek (via greengrabbo), ecolincnz and hot-topic…


  6. Thanks NickS. I have added it to my blog rating spreadsheet so can keep track.


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