The Magic of Reality for young people

This is something we need more of – science books for young people.

And chances are this one, The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True, will be good. The author, Richard Dawkins is a fellow of both the Royal Society and The Royal Society of Literature. He has a proven track record as an author of popular science books.

And the illustrator, Dave McKean, has illustrated many award-winning books.

It will be published in September or October. There will also be an audio version read by Richard Dawkins and his wife Lalla Ward.

You can get an idea of Dawkins approach to communicating with a younger audience from his A prayer for my daughter (see Dawkins’ prayer for his daughter)*. Or you could watch his Growing Up in the Universe. These are Richard’s 1991 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for Children. Available on DVD.

I can think of a few young people who will be getting this new book for Christmas.

*You can download a pdf file of A prayer for my daughter. Or if you have an eBook Reader or Kindle here are ePub and Mobi files.

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2 responses to “The Magic of Reality for young people

  1. Lucette Smoes

    I have been waiting for this book!


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