Is Monckton good value?

On a recent podcast I heard John Abraham, well known for his debunking of claims made by Christopher Monckton, say that Monckton was actually a good asset to climate science. That the man had so discredited himself and his climate denier/contrarian arguments that he was turning people off. The more he spoke the more he discredited climate change denial/scepticism.

Perhaps this explains why Monckton’s recent visit to New Zealand has been such a failure for him. Of course he and his mates are attempting to blame “censorship.” You know – the “censorship” that occurs when others don’t dignify him with a debating partner or don’t bother going to his meetings.

I certainly have noticed far fewer people supporting him recently compared with the height of the “climategate” attacks. At that time many local blogs were posting Monckton’s videos. Those same blogs have been strangely silent during this visit. The only video I saw posted was on the Christian blog.

What a come down.

And who are his remaining fans? They seem to be a select few at the moment. I did a search for details of his meetings. Couldn’t find any reports (strange and suspicious – suggesting that perhaps the attendance was low). But the blogs and web sites advertising his meetings were interesting.

Of course there was the climate change denier/contrarian climate conversation group and climate realists. After all they organised the visit. But what company did they have?

I mentioned the Christian But there were also a couple of conspiracy paranoia sites, Chemtrails Watch, More than 9/11, OpenUReyes , Evolution News NZ and one clearly racist site White News Now.
And then a few way out personal blogs like John Ansell’s blog (remember him – sacked by the ACT Party for being too openly racist) and
The Voice of Reason (which as you would expect is anything but reasonable)

Then there were the Home Education Foundation, Saucy American in NZ and the right wing Fairfacts Media Show.

Crikey Monckton – with friends like this you don’t need any enemies.

But for a bit of humor read Lord Monckton Runs Wild on Wellington Streets.

22 responses to “Is Monckton good value?

  1. How did you write this article without a computer?


  2. On my iPod. Not easy I assure you.


  3. Monckton really is the perfect representative for the climate denial community. Deniers should be constantly reminded that they embraced that loon as their annointed one. It’s amazing that so many people were cheerfully sucked in by him. They just didn’t bother to fact-check at all. Not even the “world gubbiment global conspiracy” crap slowed them down and made them think a bit.
    potholer54 mirror – Global Climate Change – Debunking Lord Monckton 1


  4. Well that was disturbing. If I thought about it, I shouldn’t have been too surprised that Saucy American in NZ, Chemtrails watch, voice of reason et al. existed in NZ. I was though. Ah, I remember yesterday, ignorance was bliss.


  5. I didn’t realise that New Zealand is such a racist and intolerant country.
    I am glad that I will never have to go there.


  6. Has this “global government” thing been debunked too?


  7. Nice try with the abuse strategy. Unfortunately the public all round the world — as opposed to leftist commentators — aren’t buying it any more.

    Did you read on my ‘way out’ site about the NASA scientist who recently confirmed what Monckton has been saying for years: that greenhouse gases do indeed escape harmlessly into space?

    What you’re not saying is that the Greens had agreed to let their climate spokesman, Kennedy Graham, debate Monckton. And good on him.

    Then they saw the video of Monckton destroying an Australian ‘expert’.

    It wasn’t that they didn’t want to dignify him. After all, have you ever heard of a politician turning down a chance to humiliate a high-profile opponent – especially one they’ve been mocking for years for his shoddy grasp of the science?

    No. They pulled out because they knew they were going to lose. It wasn’t his showmanship they were afraid of. It was his facts.


  8. No, John, I didn’t read your post. Don’t actually follow your site. Why should I? But sounds rather desperate to me.

    Still I can understand why you feel cheated about the failure of mad Monckton’s visit.


  9. Richard Christie

    Ansell, your fan-boy adoration of Chris Monckton NMHL is seriously misplaced. Monckton doesn’t destroy science nor does he win debates over science.
    He’s a show pony in a cheap and increasingly risible PR circus act, nothing more.
    Whinge as much as you want that no one wants to play with you any longer, but you really should get used to the fact that Monckton is now irrelevant, past his use-by date.


  10. Have you ever noticed just how bad wars are on the environment. Do not all those bombs warm the earth? Is it not time you left Lord Monckton alone and instead criticize those that go around blowing oil supplies and water supplies up instead?

    What about criticizing the Rugby World cup? All that unnecessary international travel?

    What about shrinking the cruse ship industry, and TAXing them? The present government et al want to instead offer TAX free shopping – come on Winter Warmers – complain about this exorbitant use of fuel by the rich and friends of the Bilderberg group.


  11. Chris, or Wellington News, I see you are also upset about mad Monckton’s failed visit.

    But really – you should acknowledge you run the conspiracy blog at You are bound to be upset.

    Thanks for your response but I will choose for myself what issues to post articles on. I hardly see your recommendations as being at all reliable.


  12. Unfortunately the public all round the world — as opposed to leftist commentators — aren’t buying it any…

    Reality is not decided by opinion poll. Only the science counts.

    Did you read on my ‘way out’ site…

    No idea who you are nor do I care that you have a blog.

    …site about the NASA scientist who…

    Why settle for one NASA scientist when you can have the whole of NASA?

    NASA did not lie to you about the moon landings.
    NASA is not lying to you now about climate change.
    It’s stupid to believe in global conspiracy theories. They never work out.

    As for debates, well, science is not wrapped in a napkin and presented as sound-bites in a “debate” in front of nursing home residents on a day’s outing. The real scientific debate goes on all the time where it counts; in the process of peer-review. Only the work counts. Not the gum flapping


  13. Hi Ken,
    How do you know Monckton’s visit was a failure?


  14. I don’t “know” but I infer it from several facts;

    1: Can’t find any reports of his meetings – no data on attendance.

    2: The climate change denial/contrarian blogs are not reporting anything. Despite their fan boy hysteria before the meeting they seem now to be embarrassed.

    3: The organizers were completely unsuccessful in attempts to win any perception of credibility by getting a respectable debate partner.

    4: Coverage here of his Aussie visit was very largely negative.

    5: I listed here the sort of paranoid conspiracy groups, religious apologists, racist and far right supporters Monckton has. Most people are turned off by this.

    6: There seems to be a common view that Monckton’s visit actually helped the acceptance of the scientific view rather than discrediting it as his backers desired.

    However, Mick, if you have contrary evidence or attended one of the meetings I am all ears.


  15. Ken, if Monckton’s tour was a failure, what would have made it a success?
    Just a thought.


  16. It was a success! Just not for him or his mates who paid for it.

    I say keep bringing him back – it helps to discredit the deniers/contrarians.


  17. So it was a success and a failure!
    Everyone’s a winner!


  18. No, Mick. Monckton and his mates definitely lost. They failed even though they paid for it.

    That’s why they are embarrassed about the whole event.


  19. So it was a failure then?
    Not a success?


  20. Richard Christie

    Can anyone tell me who is accompanying Monckton in the car in this clip?


  21. Sorry, I don’t recognize him.


  22. One of his younger adoring fans? Or maybe it’s a climate denier version of the classic scantily clad magician’s assistant? That would be appropriate give their target audience.


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