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A good climate change book

I have been reading Andy Reisenger’s book Climate Change 101. It’s obviously aimed at students and researchers – after all it’s subtitled “An educational resource.”

However for anyone with a scientific interest in the subject it’s certainly very readable.

I think the interested layman would find the book useful. It is an authoritative and reliable source for information. The book is based on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Reports but does include some findings published since then. However, the IPCC reports are just so intimidating in their size and depth. Even the summaries are not very accessible to the layperson.

Andy Reisenger’s book has the advantage that it basically puts all this science into 300 pages. It’s structured to follow the IPCC reports so it also serves as an introduction to anyone who wants to follow up specific aspects or wants more specific detail.

I will post my review of this book later this month. From what I have read so far I recommend it to anyone seriously interested in the subject. Particularly if they want a good reference to the science.

Meanwhile it has been reviewed by Bryan Walker at Hot Topic (see Climate Change 101: an educational resource).  And if you want to immerse yourself fully in the details have a look at the IPCC reports.


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