New Zealand Skeptics conference

London Skeptics have relaxed and friendly meetings

The NZ Skeptics conference 2008 is in Hamilton this month. It will be held over the weekend Friday 26-Sunday 28 September at the  Waikato Diocesan College, 660 River Rd, Hamilton. You can register here NZ Skeptics  web site.

Here are the details of the Draft Programme:

Matthew Dentith: Saving the Paranormal from the Laws of Science

Nikos Petousis: Critical thinking Greek style

Felicity Goodyear-Smith:
History denied means history revisited

Alison Campbell:
Telling stories: science as a human endeavour (Yes – the same Alison who often comments here. Meet and hear her in person)

Nathan Grange:
Magic and Scepticism

Kamya Kameshwar:
Fact and fallacy – the portrayal of immunisation in the NZ print media

Zachary Gravatt: Complementary medicines: what are New Zealand general practitioners’ perceptions, practices and training?

Martin Wallace:
Physiology of the placebo effect and the evidence for changes in brain metabolic function

Glynn Owens:
The end of moral philosophy?

Vincent Gray:
Darwin Today

Lisa Matisso-Smith:
Ethnic origins through the Pacific


While on the subject of sceptics I highly recommend the Sketpics’ Guide to the Universe  Podcasts. Hosted by Dr Steven Novella (President of the New England Skeptical Society) the podcast panel also includes Robert Novella (Vice-President of the New England Skeptical Society), Rebecca Watson ( founder of Skepchick –, Evan Bernstein (Chairman of the Connecticut Chapter of the New England Skeptical Society) and Jay Novella (a skeptical satirist).

Podcasts come out weekly and are usually about 80 min long – ideal for listening on your mp3 player or ipod while exercising. They usually include a roundup of the ltest scientific and sceptical news, interviews and challenges (science or fiction). Always presented with humour.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe panel have also produced some short Videos. Here’s three of them:

SGU – Fake Alien Video

SGU – Ghost Photo Mystery

SGU – Cell Phone and Brain Cancer

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2 responses to “New Zealand Skeptics conference

  1. I’ll look forward to meeting you there,Ken 🙂


  2. @ alison:

    I’m hoping to make Saturady but have a family event on the Sunday.


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