NZ science bloggers – new opportunity

sciblogsThe NZ Science Media Centre will soon launch a blogging platform for New Zealand scientists. A site has been parked at NZ sciblogs for this.

Initially some of those scientists currently blogging, as well as new people keen to get into blogging, will be invited onto the platform. Existing bloggers may be offered the chance to syndicate their content onto Sciblogs. So it looks like Sciblogs will sart off with plenty of activity.

The site is based on Worpdpress MU which gives control to the individual blogger. Peter Griffin, Manager of the Science Media Centre hopes the new site will bring New Zealand’s community of science bloggers together in one place to provide ready access for interested readers. He hopes it will become “the public address of science” in New Zealand.

I think this will be a great place for new bloggers. Because it will be a community with plenty of new input there will not be pressure on individuals to post more frequently than they wish to. The community should also generate more traffic than an individual new to blogging can create on their own. I hope this will encourage those scientists who have been thinking of branching out in this way, but have not yet motivated themselves top “take the plunge.”

My rough count found about a dozen science-related blogs, or blogs belonging to scientists. These range through educational, ecological and conservation aligned, biology, physics and other disciplines to more general blogs talking about scientific methodology and philosophy. Bloggers are from Crown Research Institutes, private companies and the universities. Put together this should make New Zealand’s Sciblogs an interesting site.

I have a feed on the side aggregating a number of New Zealand science blogs. Have a look to see what’s available.

Any scientist thinking of blogging, or currently blogging, who wants to find out more or register their interest can contact Peter Griffin at the Science Media Centre.


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6 responses to “NZ science bloggers – new opportunity

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  2. Cool – Christian News will be interested in this new opportunity.


  3. Madeleine,

    My understanding is that they are inviting people, it’s not “everyone who wants to can join”.

    Given that the SMC’s mission is to “promote accurate, bias-free reporting of science and technology by helping the media work more closely with the scientific community“, I would imagine that they’ll be fairly conservative and only invite those who are established scientists, retired scientists or who have track record in science communication.


  4. Madeline – why stop at Christian News (self declared as “sponsored by the elusive Brethren and Right Wing American Fundamentalists”). The do have a bit of fixation with criticising science, and Darwin in particular, but shouldn’t you be advocating for some of those blogs which have had a more intensive discussion of science lately – like your own MandM, Thinking matters Talk and True Paradigm. I would have though they would qualify long before NZ Christian News.

    Anyway – put your application in and let us know how you get on.

    You never know – Open Parachute has been described as a “Christian Blog” (although I didn’t get my badge for “In the Top 10 Christian Blogs” when I requested it.


  5. This is good news indeed. Additionally because of the RSNZ and MoRST underpinning.


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