New views of eclipses

There’s been a few eclipses lately. Here’s some photos showing a different perspective of eclipses.

This one was one of 1999 August 11 solar eclipse was one of the last ever taken from the Mir space station. The two bright spots that appear on the upper left are thought to be Jupiter and Saturn. Mir was deorbited in a controlled re-entry in 2001.

And another one by Thierry Legault of the partial eclipse seen in Europe a few days ago. With a silhouette of the International Space Station. As Astronomy Picture of the Day says this photo captured “planet Earth’s two largest satellites against the bright solar disk”

Thanks to Astronomy Picture of the Day

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3 responses to “New views of eclipses

  1. That’s not the ISS, that’s a T.I.E. Fighter that must have gotten lost, been part of a convoy or something.


  2. Hmm, the Force is strong with this one.


  3. Isn’t the ISS at 51m rather smaller than Cruithne at 5000m? Oh, no, Cruithne is only a β€œquasi-satellite” of Earth. Damn, foiled by astronomical taxonomy again.

    Awesome shots πŸ™‚


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