Daniel Dennett on conflict between religion and science

YouTube – 2/8 Daniel Dennett & John Haught & David Sloan Wilson on Religion.

In this short video clip philosopher Daniel Dennett gives a succinct description of the history of religion and its relationship with science.

It’s a welcome change from the obscure discussion that often occurs around this subject. (Theologian John Haught demonstrated some of the obscurity in his contribution.)

This is a clip from a longer discussion between Daniel Dennett, John Haught & biologist David Sloan Wilson.

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2 responses to “Daniel Dennett on conflict between religion and science

  1. Rebekah Higgitt

    I enjoyed hearing all three contributions in this clip (Wilson making the point that religion is not the only kind of non-scientific thinking was nice), but it’s worth pointing out that there was absolutely no history included in what Dennett said.


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