Fluoridation: Hangout with the University of Waikato

Google-Hangout-Banner-FluorideThe referenda defeat suffered by the Fluoride Free groups campaigning against community water fluoridation does not mean this issue has now been settled. The activist groups insist they will continue their campaign.

Hamilton is still a prime target for them. Despite the 70% support for fluoridation the referendum was not binding. The  new Hamilton City Council still has to vote on whether to re-introduce fluoridation.  So expect to see more campaigning in Hamilton in the near future.

This means Monday’s “hangout” by Waikato University is still going to draw a lot of attention. It’s a chance for interested people to ask questions directly to a panel of academics with expertise in chemistry, fluoride and the fluoridation issue.

This will be a new experience for me – never participated in an on-line “hangout” – and I am intrigued to see how successful this will be for communicating science to the public.

The video will be available on-line afterwards but for anyone wanting to participate here are the details:


Date: Monday 14 October 2013
Time: 12pm – 1pm NZST


On the University of Waikato Fluoridation in Hamilton Hangout website

The video of the live hangout will be embedded on this page 10 minutes before the event, or you can view and ask questions on the Google+ page –http://bit.ly/1fkzNWe.

The Hangout page advises:

We’ll be asking your questions live to our expert panel. Tell us what you want to know about fluoridation on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #uowhangout or on our Google + Page via the Hangout Q&A app. Once the hangout has started, you will also be able to ask questions via the comments section on the YouTube live hangout.

New to Google Hangouts? Find out more about Google Hangouts here.

What if I can’t make it?

They will be uploading the complete hangout to their YouTube channel to watch after it ends:http://www.youtube.com/UniversityWaikato

The panel:

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7 responses to “Fluoridation: Hangout with the University of Waikato

  1. this could be quite interesting, See how the fluoride activists work against the professionals after their comment to the uni during the campaign


  2. I want to ask a question in support of Trevor Crosbie (aka Trevor Nutter).
    What is the difference between nasty industrial-waste fluoride ions and laboratory-made fluoride ions? and does the unfortunate ion itself know that it is different?


  3. I wonder if Trev will call in – Fluoride Free Hamilton advertised the meeting. There might be some bitter people calling in.


  4. you are right Ken they are not happy campers


  5. This is great news. We all agree that tooth decay in infants is the biggest crisis facing humanity and that we need to take action now!


  6. you are right Ken they are not happy campers

    Well, they believe that politics is more important than citizen health:

    From the Fluoride Free Hamilton press release 13 October

    “…Now Hamilton City councillors are in a predicament. Those who went through the tribunal process know there are health risks. We believe councillors now need to do the right thing and not put the health of their residents above politics.”

    “What the new council has to recognise is that the referendum has strengthened the resolve and capacity of the anti-fluoridation movement and if anything, the battle will escalate following these results. We will not be going away and nor will the issue of fluoridation!”


  7. What are you in about, Andy?



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