Discussing science on social media

Some relevant memes I picked up on Facebook recently.

How often do discussion partners adopt this approach?:

Comfirm bias

Or when pushed for their “evidence” we have to respond with:


Finally, a citation from their recommended “scientific” source – but:


Then – the “nuclear” or Mutually Assured Destruction  (MAD) approach  – scientists can’t be trusted anyway:


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5 responses to “Discussing science on social media

  1. Thanks Ken

    Enjoyed this one…

    It reinforces a great deal… The last slide gives the impression its addressed the first one… but in fact it doesn’t… It’s smoke and mirrors…


    Thanks for the laugh…



  2. Plumbers and car mechanics are supposed to keep to rules. There’ll be some bad ones “Because I’m a mechanic what I am going to do to your car, you must accept.” “Because I’ve employed a scientist what I am doing must be just great.” “I don’t want you to know that scientists can and do get debarred.”


  3. Also weird – but who is suprised?


  4. This may get one or two going. Is the NIST report on 911 giving people confidence in science? Do you now the word pyroclastic? That and “free fall” of various size bits of iron through air are discussed in considering how fast WTC buildings were dropping. Lack of air resistance? https://youtu.be/YehuX9B868k


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