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Hubris of the google researcher


Credit: It is not that easy from xkcd

Saw this on The Complexity of Modern Science at the Physic Forum Websites. It really does illustrate problems with some of the commenters here who wish to throw away scientific consensus – or replace it with a pet or ideologically driven “theory” of their own.

As the article implies these comments often use arguments like those below which are “frequently seen as response to scientific arguments against various crackpottery:”

““I listened to some science TV show, now I came up with my own theory.” This could have a chance if the TV show would fully cover the topic. It does not.

“Scientists don’t know detail X, therefore they know nothing.”

“Scientists were once wrong in point Y, therefore we cannot trust any result.” .

Sound familiar?

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The arrogance of science?


This comment of Richard Feynman’s indicates to me the essential humility of science. Yet we often find that people who seem to subscribe to the support of “answers that can’t be questioned” will accuse science and scientists of arrogance.



I suspect this is because they have put themselves in the position of being unable to support the claims they are making.