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The arrogance of science?


This comment of Richard Feynman’s indicates to me the essential humility of science. Yet we often find that people who seem to subscribe to the support of “answers that can’t be questioned” will accuse science and scientists of arrogance.



I suspect this is because they have put themselves in the position of being unable to support the claims they are making.

Unintentional arrogance

I picked up this definition of Unintentional Arrogance somewhere.

“The assumption that the way we define reality is necessarily the last word.”

singularity1I like it. Currently, the only place I can find it repeated is at Zarbi’s old blog (now at Zarbi). A post called Singular siliines criticising the econcept of singularities in hysiscs. Well worth reading.

He also has a post on fine tuning which is worth a look.


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