Black cat in a dark room – and the role of science

photo 5
There are some  really excellent quotes on social media – Facebook and Twitter.
The one above really appeals to me. Sure the classifications are broad, and it would be interesting to break each one down. But the main message is certainly one I agree with.

It does summarise the problem very well. But I am sure someone will disagree?

One response to “Black cat in a dark room – and the role of science

  1. I’m not a scientist, and like most of the world, when it comes to climate science I know 5/8 of 1/10 of bugger all. That won’t change because I just don’t have the years needed to learn enough to be a research assistant, let alone someone like James Renwick, so using the cat/light analogy, I know roughly what a cat looks like, but I don’t know where the light switch is. Scientists can tell us exactly where the light switch is and how to turn it on, then they can then tell us whether the animal in the corner is in fact a domestic cat or a tiger.

    Deniers declare “I read on a blog that there is no cat in this room, therefore there is no need to turn on the light” and then blunder around in the dark before treading on a now very angry tiger.


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